JL Performance Horses

At JL Performance Horses, our programs are geared for kids of all ages who love horses.  No prior experience is required. You do not need to own a horse to participate. Learn more by clicking the link below.


Unlike other kid programs, JL Performance Horses INCLUDES professional academic tutoring services from Pushing Potential Tutoring right on the farm for our popular after-school program, PONYSITTERS.

Students Taking Note


What We Provide

Reaching potential is our mission. Contact us now.

All Ages

From elementary, middle, high school, to college and beyond, all ages are taught.

College Prep

From scholarship searching, to applications, get help with all of your student's college prepartion needs.

All Subjects

Individualized tutoring in all subject areas.

Test Prep

Here at Pushing Potential Tutoring, we prepare for all tests including: GED, ASVAB, NYS Regents, SAT, ACT, SSAT, PSAT, TACHS, and the GRE.


Specialized content and tutoring for homeschooled students.

Essay Writing

Assistance in writing all types, levels, and subjects.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this website is subject to change, for all sections other than the 2020 summer program.


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